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Our platform is designed to be powerful and rich in features, and easy to use, because we understand that service providers want simplicity in their technology solutions, without sacrificing functionality and quality

Health and Social Care software ​

A Craft platform facilitates collaboration with Service Delivery across the value chain to improve patient & social care and outcomes.

Craft Delivery Platform

Workflow Automation

Improve Productivity through Automation

Automate paperwork by creating, auto-populating, electronically signing and storing patient’s documentation—from admission to discharge. Templates, with system fields and user-defined fields for pre-population capabilities, can be created and maintained easily. Documents are easy to find, are always accurate and can easily be updated.

Craft Delivery Platform

Data Capture Digitally

Support quality care with an easy, real-time Craft therapy and Social Care solution

A mobile and web-enabled application that runs on your desktop mobile devices that enables care staff to document activities of daily living at or near the point of care to help improve accuracy and timeliness of documentation.
ERT Technology

CRAFT Platform, Services and Capabilities

Our integrated cloud-based referral and workforce management Platform is based on Service Now workflow management system, Documentation, reporting and performance dashboards. It is a well thought framework which is designed support businesses in healthcare and childcare services. 


Craft Service Delivery Platform solves challenges in this industry sector

(CCSD) Childcare Service Delivery

Our platform provides accurate, up-to-date information that is easily accessible to Childcare team members across the healthcare services.
The ability to securely communicate and exchange referrals with other Child Care providers electronically outside of your four walls and connect to other portals.


(SNSD) Skilled Nurse Service Delivery

Our cloud-based platform offers an end-to-end toolset to help you thrive as a Skilled Nurse and as a business. With solutions for Skilled Nurse delivery and coordination, business intelligence and financial management, and dozens more, Craft empowers you to deliver the highest quality of care as effectively and efficiently as possible.

(DSD) Dental Service Delivery

Craft Platform delivers an effective and responsive dental referral management system for both patients and service users alike. DSD solution is an innovative, pro-active and responsive service provider focused on improving patient experience whilst driving up the quality and outcomes of dental care.

(TSD) Therapy Service Delivery

TSD has the right solutions to help your home health agencies to be more efficient, remain in compliance and adapt to the future of healthcare. From intake and scheduling to care plan documentation, our home care software allows you to simplify processes, so you can focus on improving outcomes.

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