Custom Application

Custom Application

Dx Digital Technologies aims at achieving the improved business performance and productivity through applications which deliver Speedy transactions, Agility and Cost Reduction.
Three Pillars:

This vision is centered on Three Pillars:

  • Modernizing What is outdated
  • IBM Lotus Notes, SharePoint, Access Database, Spreadsheets and Manual Processes.
  • Consolidating What is Incongruent:
  • Distinct Functionalities disconnected Processes and Disparate Data.
  • Innovate What is Ambiguous:
  • Innovate existing manual Processes and utilizing email as a Substitute and transforming the ERP Limitations.
Visualize your ServiceNow and we will deliver it to you as SaaS:

Custom ServiceNow applications are in demand; however developing the applications in-house is a lot time-consuming, complex and costly. Our experts have deep design and development expertise and our team can rapidly build and implement a customized set of ServiceNow applications for your organization. Dx Digital Technologies manages the entire lifecycle of your applications from creation to deployment and time-to-time after deployment support as well. The gamut of scalable custom applications and integrations will drive efficiencies across your business areas; while significantly reducing your development effort and cost of ownership as well. Custom Applications as built well so that they meet the business demands but these are something that are completely independent from the ones that are provided OOB & is built from scratch. Custom application once built & uploaded as stand-alone application in ServiceNow store can be used by other parties as well (though will have some license).

At ERT Information Technologies, we can improve the productivity of your business with Service Now Digital products. We offer software and support for our clients, to develop digital products, boost their operational capabilities and expand their marketing


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