ServiceNow Asset Management provides solution for handling asset requests via workflows for obtaining approvals, issuing chargebacks, and provisioning services. After an asset is deployed, Asset Management monitors and records all the maintenance activity and enables IT to perform timely assessments until the asset approached End of Life (EOL).
Hardware Asset Management:

ServiceNow Hardware Asset Management (HAM) module offers innovative workflows, automation feature and mobile capabilities for maintaining the assets. ServiceNow HAM is a new module in the latest Paris release.

The major features of the HAM are:

  • Automating the asset like cycle
  • Hardware Asset dashboard display
  • Normalization of the hardware model
  • Asset inventory auditing
  • Quick start tests feature for the HAM
Software Asset Management (SAM):

Software Asset Management module in ServiceNow tool offers tracking, evaluations, and management of the software licenses, compliances, and optimizations from time to time. We can also reclaim the unused software right, purchase the new software right and manage allocation for entitlements as well.

Software Asset Management (SAM) features:

  • Dashboards View
  • Licensing feature
  • Discovery and normalization feature
  • Reconciliation feature
  • Software rights optimization
  • Downgrading the Software rights
Software Asset Management Professional (SAMPro):

Implementing the SAMPro module in ServiceNow substantially adds value to an organizations Asset Management. using SAMPro for SAM is a completely logical choice. The decision for upgrading the SAM to SAMPro empowers SAM module to be more strategic.

Here is how SAMPro module adds value to the already existing ITAM and SAM modules:

  • The implementation of SAM module is relatively easy in ServiceNow tool as the SAM Pro module fully supports the ISO/IEC 19770-1:2017 standard for IT Asset Management (ITAM). The SAM and ITAM teams control additional value of investment already made in the existing ServiceNow implementation.
  • ServiceNow SAMPro module provides the feature for auto-calculating the cost of a change or saving as part of the standard IT change order/request.
  • There is no more duplication of software requests needed from one tool to the other tool. SAMPro offers a feature for creating a Purchase Order request for a new software right and automate the service requests through fulfilment for the (Software as a Service) SaaS applications as well.
  • The Performance Analytics feature for SAM offers a customizable visualization of potential savings and/or compliance risks.
  • The potential difference between the SAM and SAMPro is the need to manually normalize all the discovered software installations to enable the calculation of effective license positions in SAM, whereas it is automated in SAMPro.

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